Ladies and Gentlemen
2012 - present

Ladies and Gentlemen is an improvisational performance duo featuring guitarist/composer Max Gualtieri and multimedia artist Matt Broach. The work explores the possibilities of performance as a mode of deconstruction and reconstruction, particularly through the use of video-as-instrument. We work with sampled/found film footage to create live, sprawling multimedia performances.

Ladies and Gentlemen is ultimately concerned with the way in which musical/visual performance can be used to foster a new kind of looking at the world around us, particularly at the overwhelming large amount of cultural production. Our audio and visual space is filling up at an alarming rate, and we believe by looking at one thing, one movie, incredibly closely – chopped up, one second at a time, and reconfigured – we can prompt people to look more closely at the world beyond our performance. Every book, song, and video has its hidden rhythms – and we aim to start our audience on the process of their own discovery.

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