Ubi Ex

Ubi Ex is semi-fictional research company dedicated to exploring discarded physical manifestations of memory and to help others find meaning in the seemingly meaningless. Created in 2010 by interdisciplinary artists Matt Broach and Deena Selenow, Ubi Ex collects discarded film footage and other forgotten tokens of memory and uses methods derived from various sciences (forensics, topography, color analysis, fingerprint analysis, etc) to dissect details of the objects and people recorded on the footage, illuminating the hidden histories within. Armed with a repurposed microscope for film viewing and endless patience, the duo excavates the beauty of the forgotten history contained within our cultural ephemera.

Through Appropriational Analysis we have created a practice that addresses both science and art in dialog, dispelling misconceptions of the vast differences between artistic and scientific examination. We introduce these findings in an exploratory way, encouraging our spectators in their own dissection and assessment of discarded recorded moments in time. Through dialog, we transform our research into a process of collective discovery.